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ANNUAL CHECK UP SPECIAL - Receive a $10.00 discount on your Annual Visit.  Just mention you saw this on our website to receive the discount. 

 Annual Hearing Aid Visits are not covered by insurance or Medicaid

GMSHS recommends annual hearing tests to monitor any changes in your ability to hear.  The operation of your hearing aids depends on the precise working of many miniature parts set by us to correct your hearing loss.  Occasionally such things as moisture, wax, or exposure to skin oils damage these tiny electronic parts.  The result can be weak or distorted sound from your hearing aids.  Your hearing is only as good as the performance of your hearing aids.  That's why we suggest a comprehensive checkup at least once a year.

 Annual Hearing Aid Visits The appointment, which will be 1 hour and cost $85.00, includes the following:

1.   Threshold testing for pure tones to monitor hearing levels (normal charge $35)

2.   Word recognition testing (know your numbers) to look at the clarity of speech in the damaged ear/s (normal charge $35)

3.   Hearing aid check up which may include 'tweaking' if necessary (normal charge $45).

4.   New tubing for ear molds if needed (normal charge $10 - $15 per ear)

5.   Hearing aid cleaning, new battery doors or tone hooks if needed (normal charge $5 - $20 per hearing aid)

If you have a TEK/Mini-Tek and are having problems that you would like checked out on your Annual visit; this will add 1/2 hour to the time of the appointment (making the visit 1-1/2 hrs) and the cost will be $120.00.